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Ranting about Johnny's unexplainable leave.

Will HE come back?!

Minions of the Maniac
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C'mon! C'MON! This is the community on which you shall talk about Johnny's sudden leave in the story. Will He come back? Will Jhonen ever make a sequel to such a great comic? WHO KNOWS?! That's why everyone should just talk about and wish for it. Hahaha. Like that'll do any good...

Eh, first of all. I need some information from all of you.


1. Name?
2. Age?
3. Gender?
4. Reason for being alive?
5. Reason for not being dead?

[Post all that with your entry.]

Oh, and you may also post icons, pictures, wallpapers, links, practically anything of JTHM here. Please do so! Some of us need this kind of link-age. Not me though... Of course.. >_>

Is it really? CAN IT BE?